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 Everbody UP UP!

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PostSubject: Everbody UP UP!   Everbody UP UP! Icon_minitimeWed Jun 02, 2010 3:03 pm

Doc, I can't sleep anymore," Joe complained. "I've
> tried everything, but I just toss and turn."
> "You have to learn to relax," the doctor said. "Try
> putting each part of your body to sleep separately."
> That night Joe crawled into bed, got comfortable and
> started to talk to his body. "Toes, go to sleep," he
> whispered. "Feet, go to sleep. Legs, go to sleep.
> Hips, go to sleep. Stomach, go to sleep"
> Just then his wife Margaret walked in wearing a
> transparent teddy.
> Joe opened one eye, then lifted his head from the
> pillow. "OK," he shouted, "up, up...everybody up!"
> Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
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Everbody UP UP!
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