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 Ambuya nemkwasha

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Ambuya futi

A certain Mukwasha was driving to Gweru with his mother in law ..
As they were passing through the town, they drove near a large pit which is used by the Bata shoe company for dumping unwanted pieces of leather.
Now being the rainy season it is, the leather was decomposing and a nasty stench was rising from the pit.
The Mukwasha noticed the expression on his mother in law's face and sought to explain the smell so that she would not have any ideas as to the source of the smell .
"Ha, zvatinoitirwa ne Bata iyi," began the Mukwasha timidly.
"Imi muchimboridyireiko butter racho kana richikusurisai" exploded the mother in law
The silence in the car was long and deafening
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Ambuya nemkwasha
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